FAQ & Rules

JM Sports Cards case break FAQs:

What is a group break?
A group break is when a group of collector’s share a box or case of cards by dividing up the case by team, player or some other method.

How do I get in on a break?
Simply select the break your interested in from the store or home page and complete the purchase.

When will the case/box breaks occur?
Depends but for new ‘hot’ products they will occur after the release date and after each slot has been sold and paid for.  I will update the participants of each break details.

When will my cards be shipped?
Cards will be shipped the day after the break occurs.

Where can I watch the break live?
Via Youtube and or breakers.tv. Links are located along the right hand side. >

Can I see the break replay?
Yep, I will upload the break on YouTube.

What type of breaks are there?

  • Team break – Each team will be assigned a spot and price. You will be able to purchase that specific team and receive all the cards associated with that specific team.
  • Random team break – Spots are sold at equal value and after all spots are sold, we will randomize each team and then each sport purchaser to determine who gets which team.
  • Player break – Each player will be assigned a sport and price.  You will be able to purchase that specific player spot and receive all the cards for that player.
  • Snake draft break – Spots are sold at equal value and after all spots are sold, we will randomize each spot purchaser to determine the draft order. Then each participant will draft a team in order of the randomizer.
  • Hit break – After determining the number of spots, each spot will be sold at equal value.  We will randomize each spot purchaser to determine the draft order. At the end of the break, each spot purchaser will pick their cards (HITS) using the draft order determined by the randomizer.  HITS will be determine before the break but will typically consist of relics, autos, parallels, short prints and inserts.
  • Serial Number break – 10 spots (0-9) used primarily for higher end brands where every card is serial numbered. The last number of the serial number is the spot (hit). Example: 22/99 would belong to the 2 spot, 23/99 would belong to the 3 spot, 24/99 would belong to the 4 spot and so on.

Break Rules
All spots will be sold before the break. If in the event that all spots are NOT sold, the host can either randomize a team to the current participants or sell the remaining spot(s) at a discounted price and randomize the spots to the random purchasers.

You can trade or sell your spots before the break but the host MUST confirm the trade or sell prior to the break. Otherwise all cards will be shipped to the original spot owner and trades/sells will have to be completed off line.

When a multi player/team card is pulled the card will be randomized between the team/spot owners after the break to determine the recipient of the card.

When a non sport card is pulled or a card that was not assigned a spot before the break, the card will be randomized among all participants in the break.

Most breaks will be filled before the break date. Please sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date on recent break info.

You do not have to watch the break live, although it is recommended. Each break video will be posted to YouTube to be viewed at a later date.

JM Sports Cards reserves the right to expel or ban an person from the site for rude behavior, foul language, harassment, bullying of anyone in live chat.

By participating and purchasing a slot one of our sports cards breaks, you are acknowledging that there is no guarantee that you will receive any specific card or cards for your slot or team.